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Specifically designed for the new (for 2020) 7TS™ RDS Holster in Level 3 configuration.  This holster has a larger lever than all other Safariland® holsters.  This is the only NUB MOD® that will work with this holster, and it will NOT work with any other holsters. 

Designed for Level III, it will also work with Level I, but we are have a Level I only holster that will provide more benefit due to increased surface area, and a different angle to account for the users thumb NOT coming back from hood activation. 

Made from a highly weather and temperature resistant nylon infused with carbon fiber, with high quality temperature stable adhesive from -65 to 250F,  as well as being water stable. Bottom line, this thing is not coming off without some pliers and a lot of effort. 

We recommend sliding a piece of paper under the factory lever to keep any glue from getting on your holster (other than on the lever) during installation.