Nub Mod for Safariland ALS Holsters

Faster: The reversed angle matches up with the pad of your thumb sooner than the factory button. You will find the gun in your hand just by grabbing it. Weak side draw becomes much faster as well.
More Reliable: The wider release button means you have even less potential to miss the activation, especially on thigh rigs or mounting systems that push the holster away from your body. If you have ever found yourself pulling up on the gun before hitting the release you've noticed that gun is difficult to almost impossible to get out. The additional leverage of the Nub Mod fixes this stress induced or poor training problem if it ever arises due to the increased surface area for the thumb to engage.
Stronger: Many find the button too small and glue or plastic weld onto the button to make it larger. This has the potential to make the typical homemade button get pushed over into the body of the holster rendering it inoperable. The machined aluminum piece is indexed in part by the outside edge of the factory button. It will not come over the edge of the holster. It is bead blasted then hard anodized.
Simple Install: Simply press the larger nub piece over the factory button from the inside of the holster. Align the smaller narrow piece with the top of the larger one. Insert screw and tighten with supplied allen wrench. You may add Loc Tite or finger nail polish to the threads if desired. See notes at base of page on fit.

Common Sense Warning:
If you are worried about someone taking your gun from you this would make that easier. Obviously anything that makes it easier for you will make it easier for your enemy. If you simply want to keep your gun in your holster while doing whatever it is you do, and still be able to get it out fast without going through multiple levels of retention, the ALS only and Nub Mod are probably just what you are after.



Disclaimer: Any reference to Safariland or the ALS/Automatic Locking System are registered Trademarks of The Safariland Group.

ALS Nub Mod Install Instructions for all Level I holsters

1. Lay holster on flat surface, or hold it in your weak hand. This will be pretty easy. If highly motivated, hang from a pull-up bar by your toes and set holster on floor. 

2. Press larger piece over factory button as shown. Make sure the Nub is matching the angle of the factory button!

3. Take the narrow piece and align the key with the slot, allowing the tapered ledge to index on the base of the factory button as it hangs over the holster body.*

4. Apply LocTite or your favorite color fingernail polish to the threads and insert screw in the large tapered hole. If you try to screw from the gun side please sell all your guns.

Nub Mod for ALS Holsters. Install Demo.

Holster types and fit:

The Nub Mod will not work with the Safariland ALS Guard. The Nub Mod will not work with the older style ALS holsters that have the 'step' into the holster body without a fair amount of work.

* Note: Due to molding variations some nubs may not fit perfectly flush on the top. If your larger piece is sitting flush and pressed straight down over the factory button take a fingernail file or razor and scrap a SMALL amount of plastic off the lower edge as indicated by the steel punch. This will rarely happen (1 out of 100)

Note that the older style ALS levers as shown to the right will require a significant amount of work to make the Nub Mod fit.

If you are worried that the button is too large and your gun may fall out, consider this: I wear mine woodcutting, backpacking with my kids, fence building, driving trucks and skid steers, and even sometimes when working out outside between shooting drills (Burpees, flutter kicks pushups etc). It has never come out of the holster until I wanted it to. The thigh rig in the picture to the right is what I use doing all those activities, with a spray painted prototype nub on it. This does not mean you should not prove YOUR holster with YOUR gear!

Also, the Safariland 7TS material has proven very consistent in varying temps: Hunting cougars all day in 5*F weather, the material barely contracts. Compare this to other holsters that 'freeze' and make the draw much different in varying temperatures.


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Disclaimer: Any reference to Safariland or the ALS/Automatic Locking System are registered Trademarks of The Safariland Group.

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