8" Die Cut OTD Logo Sticker

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The New OTD Logo, in a custom die cut sticker.   Measuring 8X8", this can add some gun loving to your rig!

Available in White and FDE Tan.

All weapons in these stickers are U.S. military issue, both past and present, from a M16A2 to a M40A5, to the HK MP5 and Glock 19 of some SF units.

These are pretty detailed as you can see, and are not the cheapest stickers to make.  Since it's also free advertising for us, this item sells for our costs and CC fees, you just pay for shipping.

Note:  Due to all the fine detail in these stickers, this is best suited for smooth surface application. Our logo sticker is not going to stick as well to gun safes with the 'orange peel' finish.