PIG Skins Barricade Pad

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A rifle skid pad designed to reduce the effects of recoil while firing from hard surfaces. Keeps your scope on target for verification of bullet placement and for rapid follow-up shots. Allows a shooter to load into their rifle, due to the added grip surface of the barricade pad.

Great option for long range guns, or even on an lighter AR15. 


  • Economic design and price point
  • Made of a recoil reducing urethane that is extremely UV resistant (same material used on the HOG Saddle)
  • High quality, time tested Velcro brand used
  • Comes with two Velcro loop adhesive pads that easily adhere to any stock finish. Can use both velcro pads on two separate rifles.
  • Made 100% in the USA!
These were invented by a fellow Marine Sniper from my platoon. He is better know for the Snipers shooting rest known as the Hog Saddle but these things are pretty awesome.
 In photo below I'm running one against a barrel at the 2015 Oregon Sniper Challenge to limit bounce.  Mine was slightly forward from where it needed to be what I needed, so as yanked it off the velcro and placed it back a few inches on the stock in about half a second.