Stipple Sample Keychains

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A simple way to show off your work, and give customers a visual of what you can do for them.

Works on a keychain to go with you everywhere, or bundle a handful of them together on a zip tie, 550 cord etc at the shop, and have something a lot less costly then a Glock to let the customer walk around with or even take home and think on. 

Sold individually, buy only how many you need. These come BLANK- you stipple one or both sides.

Made from Nylon6/6, 2"L x .7"W x  0.2"H.  Stipples very much like Glock/XD material.  

2nd pic: tips used Left to Right: 12LPI MicroDiamond, RailRoad, Fang, X Tip, Wagon Wheel in first image, main image is updated keychains that are thicker for 2019.