Level III Staccato NUB MOD®

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If you have a Staccato/Prodigy 6000 series holster with the funky shaped lever, you need one of the Staccato Nub Mods.  Level III users, you will notice that the SLS hood hits, or very close to hits, the factory ALS® release as is. 

See Montage image for all the different Nub Mod options depending on your holster! 

Given the limited amount of clearance Safariland® left us to work with, the Level III Staccato NUB MOD® is not going to give quite the improved feel as the Level I Staccato (or the ALS model), but all of the officers we had test this out still noticed less fumbling on the release, with a slight draw time improvement.

Snap into place from the inside, test for fit and function before gluing on with supplied glue.