Glock 1911 Scales

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Upon being asked by a customer, we made him a custom side scale for his Glock after he couldn't quite get over the flat sides vs the rounded 1911 sides he was used to.  His Work is pictured here, after grip reduction with our Hump Eliminator and Flat Backstrap, and his 17 sized scale. Adds .18" to the frame, in a curved shape. 

Select size (17 for full size, 48 for compact such as 19 and 48,43X) and the side you want it on (right or left). 

Comes with a glue vial, but of course we also recommend you stipple this to create a mechanical bond as well at the seems.  Solied 3D print from the same nylon as our Flat Backstraps, this will blend in really well but have a very slightly different 'shade of black' to it vs the factory material. 

You can place this without gluing it in place. Use some double sided tape or gum etc and play with positioning.  G19 and similar frames will need dremel the raised thumb area behind mag release down flat. 

Don't overglue, as you don't want to stipple the glue, it will burn your eyes, and lungs. Should be wearing a respirator regardless-