What NUB MOD® do you need for your setup?

Safariland® has a myriad of different lever shapes for the various holster options available.  Watch this video to ensure you select the correct model for your holster/gun.   Questions?  Shoot us a pic of your holster/setup. info@otdefense.com

If you are in a rush: 80% of users (Glock, MP, XD, HK) running a standard Level 1 or 3 holster, watch the first few minutes.  Click here to go to product page once you know what you need

RDS users skip to 3:00

1911 shooters: 3:30

2011 Staccato shooters: 4:50

Single stack sub-compacts: 5:20

MHH holsters (Military Issue only) 5:40

Variations for SIG P320 holsters: 6:20