Stippling Photos

Below is a short video demonstrating a variety of our tips on frames, with pictures below that for those of you who like to see the close ups!

What Can you do?

See our Customer stipple jobs here:  Customer Submissions

20 LPI Waffle Tip

Spartan Tip Inset into frame

OTD Diamond Tip

Batwing Tip

Z Tip

X Tip

Easy to apply with a crisp look and grip. 

Hex Tip

Wagon Wheel Tip

Can be used symmetrical, or at random.  Can be sanded down for a lighter texture. Easy to use.

12LPI Waffle Tip.

Large Round Tip

Hive Tip

A texture within a texture. 

Oval Tip

Micro Diamond Tips

12LPI and 16LPI used randomly, 20 LPI's used overlapping. 

Basket Weave

Dual Basket Tip

Both this tip and the 'Basket Weave Tip' above can be complimented with our Straight Tip. 

Dual Basket

RailRoad Tip

Essentially a lighter textured version of the ever popular Wagon Wheel Tip. 

Triangle Tip

OTD Rectangle Tip

Specialty Tips

Adds a unique touch to any frame. Recommended for use in our 30 Watt Burner

Slant Tip

Arrowhead Tip

Teardrop Tip

Thorns Tip

Thong Tip

A Frame Tip

Square Tip

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