Stippling Photos

Light texture via OTD 20LPI Square and Waffle Tips

OTD 16LPI Square and Waffle Tips

Moderate grip for carry or duty/competition use. 

Left pic shows 16LPI Square Tip used toward trigger, Waffle toward rear of gun. 


OTD Wagon Wheel Tip

Can be used symmetrical, or at random.  Can be sanded down (image on right) or even combined with the X Tip for a unique texture. 

The OTD 12LPI Waffle Tip.

OTD Diamond Tip

OTD Rectangle Tip

"Combat Grip" via OTD 20LPI Waffle Tip

Aggressive grip for duty use. 

Large Round Tip

Honey Comb

Micro Diamond Tips

12LPI used randomly, 16 and  20 LPI's used overlapping. 

OTD Tiger Tip

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