OTD Grip Index

You'll notice the above chart on the web store with every tip we sell.  The OTD Grip Index provides a relatively simply way to portray what a tip can do for you, the customer.  Some thoughts to consider as you decide what tips you need:

The OTD Grip Index is subjective.  What a logger considers to be moderate may be what a desk jockey considers to be extreme.  Keep this in mind.

Some firearms will stipple differently then others.  A 20LPI waffle tip on the removable backstop of a M&P will feel smoother then the same tip on the rest of said M&P, let alone when compared to a Glock. 


Some of the textures provided by our tips may provide more texture when covered in mud and dirt then others of an equivalent  rating on the grip index. For example, the Diamond, X, or Wagon Wheel tips all have larger imprinted areas then the 20 and 16LPI waffle tips, resulting more space for mud to get into before it makes the gun 'slicker'.   

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