All In One Tip Kit

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Notice: We have been made aware of numerous airsoft companies selling an ‘all in one tip kit’. These are NOT authorized dealers and they are selling less then the kit you see below for the same price. The sells Our Deluxe Stippling Tip Kit of 12 tips.

All of the OTDefense tips in one package!  Twenty-Five (25) unique tips total. Updated on 4.4.18 to include the Fang, Hive, and Cutting Tips! Great for those who already have a wood burner and want to get every option to put on their guns and accessories. Save $52 when buying them all at once in this pack!

This kit does NOT include the 30* Tip Adapter or Soldering Iron Adapter!  

Includes one of each of the following in our Tip Box, with a secure lid. 

20LPI Waffle, in a micro vial                

20LPI Finish Tip, in a micro vial.                 

20LPI Square, in a micro vial. 

16LPI Waffle                                                        

16LPI Square                                             

12LPI Waffle

MicroDiamond 20LPI

MicroDiamond 16LPI

MicroDiamond 12LPI





Wagon Wheel                                               

Small Round

Large Round                                                            

X Tip                                                   

Point Tip

Basket Weave Tip

Square Tip

Honeycomb Tip

Straight Tip

Fang Tip       --Fang and tips below added on 4.3.18

Hive Tip

Cutting Tip (in vial)

This product will be changing every time we add new tips to the lineup.

These are quality tips, 100% made in the U.S.A.