PSA Dagger Flat Backstrap

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This only fits the PSA Daggers after grip reduction with our jig!

The Dagger fixes some of the Glock grip issues commonly fixed at home with a dremel tool, but the grip features a large swell on the rear of the otherwise thinner frame. This product, when used with our Hump Eliminator Jig, flattens it to match with your Glock factory pistol that has been reduced with our jig. 

Available for '19/compact size and 17/full size.  They are not interchangeable like Glocks! Only available in Black.

So if you have been doing grip reductions and added a Dagger to your collection, you can make it match your Glocks! 
The Dagger is slightly higher glass content then a Glock, but the material stipples well still.  X Tip was used in the image, with the Thong Tip on the frontstrap for a more aggressive area on the 19.  17 was done by a customer with the Wagon Wheel and X tip.