7TS 1911 Nub Mod

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All the benefits of the Nub Mods, but in a Nylon material to accommodate the New (for 2018) Safariland™ 1911 Holster, made from their proprietary 7TS™  material.     

Include in the package is one Nylon Nub Mod, and a small tube of Loctite™ 401 to glue the Nub Mod onto your holsters factory little release. 

That's right, we couldn't make this out of metal without costing way too much, but this is a highly weather and temperature resistant nylon infused with carbon fiber, and Loctite™ 401 is temperature stable from -65 to 250F,  as well as being water stable. Bottom line, this thing is not coming off without some pliers and a lot of effort. 

And of course it's made in the USA...

User assumes any risk associated with drawing from a modified holster. 

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