7TS Adjustable Muzzle System

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After numerous customer requests,  we now have a solution for the 7TS or '7000 series' holster users who want to keep one holster but switch out guns, or run a sim/laser barrel, threaded barrel etc... Accomplishes the same thing as our 'MultiMuzzle for 6000 series' but since these holsters are kind of a pain to take apart, we opted for a one time take down of the holster, and then you are set to change out as needed with a long screwdriver. 

If you need to size up or replace any other factory plug or in between, you will need to grab the 7TS Adjust Plug(s) as needed for your application!

Breakdown below:

Adjustable Plate Only:  Includes high temp foam and set screw to plug the thread hole. Replaces smallest factory plate as is. Cheaper option would be our 7TS Flat Plate if you don't plan on adding Adjust Plug(s) to replace any other size factory or to change from factory. 

Below are all to use in conjunction with the above----- 

.36" Adjust Plug: Includes a .36" threaded plug (not including threads) to fit in the Adjustable Plate, and a foam ring to place on top. Replaces the low-medium factory plug, commonly found in SIG holsters. 

.87" Adjust Plug: Includes a .87" threaded plug and foam ring. Replaces the mid sized factory plug found in the Glock 17 holsters and similar. 

1.30" Adjust Plug: Includes a 1.30" threaded plug and foam ring. Replaces the tall factory plug commonly found in Glock 19 holsters and similar. 

Screw Kit:  Only applicable to specific applications, must be installed with blue thread-locker. Screw has 2" of threads.  Do not buy this if you have not watched the video!

Notes: All adjust plugs require a long flathead screwdriver if you wish to switch plug sizes out once installed without taking apart the holster. User assumes all risks associated with disassembling their holster. If you don't feel comfortable, reach out to Ghostmen Designs for an install and holster wrap as well if need be.