Anti Rattle Foam for light bearing holsters

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Fix the dreaded 'gun rattle' when you run or otherwise move around your day. 

Sized small enough for the Safariland® 7377 holsters for compact lights such as the TLR-7, XC1, or APLc, but big enough it can also be used in Full size light holsters (X300, TLR-1 etc).  Provides for a completely consistent position of the gun in the holster as some setups can vary almost 1/4", making your draw more consistent as well. 

How to use: Watch YouTube video for simple demo- and/or read below:

Compact light holsters:  Place in holster adhesive backing down, place gun in holster, leave it for a few hours to allow the foam to take memory to the light. Draw from the holster, checking for the level of pressure against the ALS mechanism.  If it is too tight for your liking, trim the foam with scissors by slightly less than 1/8".  Recheck. Remove adhesive backing, stick pencil in foam and gently place it in the base of your holster, careful not to cover the drainage hole. That's it. 

Full Size light holsters:  If you have a holster that you can see through the bottom of the holster (older 7TS and all 6000 series), you can measure the distance between the light and the base of the holster, with the gun pushed all the way up against the ALS® mechanism.  One piece of foam is .625".  Depending on your light/gun combo, you may need just one and will trim it, or you may need to get two or three and stick them together.

If possible, with an UN-loaded weapon, measure up through the base of the holster until you hit the light.  Add just over .25" and insert that much foam. 

Amount needed varies by holster model...New 7TS holsters you cannot see through the base, so you will need to do some trial and error.  Be a responsible adult, once you apply one of these with the adhesive, it will not come out easily.