Level III 1911 NUB MOD®

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We have had a handful of customers ask for this, so here it is. A Nub Mod that will work with the 'safety shield' that is built into the holster still in place, as well as the SLS rotating hood. If you have cut off your 'safety shield' you can most likely use the standard SLS Nub Mod. 

See Montage image for all the different Nub Mod options depending on your holster! 

While this Nub Mod does not offer as much of a benefit over the other Nub Mods we sell (simply because there is so little room to work with), it will increase the surface area and reverse the angle so your thumb can find that pesky release easier. 


Made from a highly weather and temperature resistant nylon infused with carbon fiber, with high quality temperature stable adhesive from -65 to 250F,  as well as being water stable. Bottom line, this thing is not coming off without some pliers and a lot of effort.