Military NUB MOD®

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NOTICE: We have been made aware that some military units that are being issued holsters with the civilian lever shape.  Check your holster against the image of 3 lever types!

Specifically designed for, and will ONLY work on the new Safariland Holsters with the 'SG-Mil' levers, as issued to the U.S. Military for the M17 and M18 Sig Sauer Pistols. Safariland is using the same lever on 1 civilian holster we know of, see lever shape below. 

Fixes the angle and increases the width for a more reliably draw. Chamfer on the inside piece to clear the safety and eliminate the chance of deactivating the safety when you draw straight back on the NUB MOD®.   Blasted for low glare, Mil Spec Anodized aluminum for a tough finish, and of course 100% USA Made. 

Designed for Level I use. While we have had users put a washer behind the top T-Nut and continue to utilize the SLS Hood, this is not recommended as it WILL still drag on the hood. Will not interfere if hood is simply left down.