25 LPI Tip

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For those who like the waffle tips for their ease of use and rapid application, but want something super fine and light for concealed carry. 

Designed to be a 'one tip does all', the two flat faces allow you to easily edge in along your drawn lines or borders, and the unique overall shape allows for putting it to the frame quickly, as well as helping to mitigate the 'circle' effect.  Simply stipple it, and go over lightly to remove any distinct tip outlines as needed. 

Ease of use: 4

Grip Index: 3

*Keep in mind a lighter texture, specifically a fine one such as this will not last as long under heavy use, so you may have to re-apply more often then other textures depending on usage. Lighter textures such as the EDC, which are designed to provide larger, rounded texture, will last longer. It all depends on your personal preference.