Flat BackStrap

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Designed to go hand in hand with our GripFix™ Hump Eliminator Jig for Glock® Pistols.  

After utilizing the Jig, this is glued (glue included) and stippled into your frame.  It provides you with grip that points more naturally, like a 1911, while retaining the structural integrity of your pistol, as well as Gaston Glock's original intent of leaving a channel for water and dirt to fall out of the trigger housing.  

This is made from a specialized nylon composite material that is 3D Printed as a solid part (no internal matrix).  When I came up with this idea 3 years ago (yes it's been awhile coming), I printed a 2" H x .5W rectangle and screwed it to the top of a fence post.  Three winters and summers later in the mountains of Eastern Oregon, it still sits there, unfaded and straight.... It stipples quite similar to factory Glock® material, but of course NOT identical. If you are a pretty gun fan, and can't stand the thought of having a slight material variance in your frame, this is probably not the solution for you. There will of course be some dremel tool work on your part, as blending the magwell into the various frames will be necessary.  Glock® frames vary slightly between each and every generation, and even between the same generation, so the final fitment is up to the end user.