G48/43X RazorBack Backstrap

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After numerous customer requests for a Razorback or 'shape your own' backstrap to work with the Hump Eliminator Jig, I spoke with Ben at Boresight Solutions, who came up with the idea back in the early 2000's.  Obviously two very different techniques to get the end result, but in order to use the 'Razorback' name we wanted to give credit to where it is due. 

Provides a different feel for different hands/taste.  This may seem like a step backwards, adding more material onto the frame after the grip reduction- but the higher elevation of the Razorback provide an improved feel and straight point vs the factory Glock hump. 

Solid part so you can dremel away and shape how you desire. The water chamfer on this is slightly larger, so don't dremel down to the point where you should have just used a Flat Backstrap. 

This requires the Jig, and the G48/43X 'add on spacer and rear jig', but for this particular Razorback backstrap you will only use the rear piece and skip the spacer.