Practice Stipple Sheets

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Available in either common plastic or Nylon 6/6.

These items both provide a similar texture and feel when stippled to a pistol frame, without the costs of pistol frame... The plastic is a bit softer than most frames and has a stronger odor when melting, the Nylon is more similar to a Glock frame.

We recommend beginners buy a couple of the plastic sheets, one or two of the Nylon 6/6, then move to floor plates, backstraps of your Glock/XD/MP mags etc, and then move onto the gun itself.  

Plastic: 2x6" --- Nylon:  2x5.5" 

Both are 1/8" thickness so you can use both sides. Fits perfectly inside our case for storage. 

As with all stippling work, use in a well ventilated area and wear a quality respirator, no matter the material you are stippling. 

 Note: Some batches of these material have small 'hairs' that come out when stippled. Simply let cool and take a toothbrush over it to remove.