Baby Gun NUB MOD® (for single stack subcompacts)

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This NUB MOD® is for the original subcompact single stack 'Baby Guns':  Glock 43/42, Sig P365, SW Shield, Springfield Armory XDs', and Ruger LC9* without red dots. 

SOLIS® users will need the SOLIS® Nub Mod!

  This model does not widen the factory lever, but it does increase the angle and greatly smooth up the draw. 

See Montage image for all the different Nub Mod options depending on your holster! 

Made from a highly weather and temperature resistant nylon infused with carbon fiber, with high quality glue included: temperature stable adhesive from -65 to 250F,  as well as being water stable. Bottom line, this thing is not coming off without some pliers and a lot of effort. 

 Install as shown in video.  

*Ruger LC9 holsters lever has a slightly different shape than imaged here. This Nub Mod will still fit and function. 

User assumes any risk associated with drawing from a modified holster.