Flag Tip

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The Flag Tip is as much American Flag style detail as we could get in a stippling tip! Available in both right or left handed, so the star is facing forward as applied on your frame, just like military uniform regs. 

Right is star forward on the right side, and vice versa. 

Recommended for use in our 30 Watt Burner as this tip style likes a bit more heat to flow material and get a crisp look. 

The tip 'face' is brazed to the threaded portion, so DO NOT expose them to temperatures above 1250*F or the face design will fall off the threaded portion.  You will have to send it back to us for repair. Our 30 Watt unit, the hottest unit on the market, puts out roughly 1050*F, so standard use is fine, just don't take a MAPP torch to it...