Multi Muzzle Plug for 6000 Series Holsters

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A simple fix for those who want to run a threaded barrel, a Glock 17 in a 19 holster, or add a compensator etc.   The MultiMuzzle Plug replaces the factory molded Delrin plug with a hard anodized aluminum body, with a machined Delrin plug to protect your muzzle while allowing adjustability.   

You can get the specific MultiMuzzle Plug you need to modify your holster to your needs, and if desired add an additional plug to make it backwards compatible in the event you switch barrels etc. Also great for folks with SIM guns that can't have the factory 'post' in place to utilize their SIM gun in their duty holster.  Replaces what is shown behind it in the image. Watch the video below to get an idea of what you need, and if you are unsure, shoot us an email with a picture of your factory plug, and what you are trying to accomplish.  Please don't email 'what plug do I need' without pictures of what PLUG you have, as these holsters vary by year quite a bit.  You can always buy high and put it in a vice and cut it down to fit if you need to. 

Installs with the factory hardware and a supplied screw through the existing holes. No modifying the holster itself. Works for right and left handed holsters-   We can't go lower than the .050 plug, so if you have the factory low plug and are trying to gain room, check out this:  6000 Series Spacer

If you still are unsure after watching the video below,  email us a picture of your current factory plug, what the holster is for and what you are trying to put in it. 

Also shown in main image is the Portal by Ghostmen Designs. Available at here at OT Defense and from Ghostmen Designs.