SIG® SAO Nub Mod®

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Some customers notified us that the ALS Nub Mod was not working for their 6000 series holsters due to a large safety and/or decocker rubbing against the factory lever*. Specifically seeing this in SIG Legion, 229, and  226, 1911 with safety shroud, 

Fits below lever shape only. 

See Montage image for all the different Nub Mod options depending on your holster! 

Only compatible with 6000 series holsters with a flat faced (as viewed from the body side of the holster) ALS lever.   Glues on (supplied), and is a permanent installation.

Same overall shape as our ALS Nub Mod, but slightly thinner and only fits on the outside of the holster, so as not to interfere with the weapon. 

 *separate issue from the 7000 Series (7TS) holsters.