SIG® SAO Nub Mod®

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Some customers notified us that the ALS Nub Mod was not working for their 6000 series holsters due to a large safety and/or decocker rubbing against the factory lever*. Specifically seeing this in SIG Legion, 229, and  226 holsters, but not all. After using said customers as testers, we came to rest on this as a solution. 

See Montage image for all the different Nub Mod options depending on your holster! 

Only compatible with 6000 series holsters with a flat faced (as viewed from the body side of the holster) ALS lever.   Glues on (supplied), and is a permanent installation.

Same overall shape as our ALS Nub Mod, but slightly thinner and only fits on the outside of the holster, so as not to interfere with the weapon. 

 *separate issue from the 7000 Series (7TS) holsters.