Inset Star Tip

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The Inset Star Tip. No laser needed to get a cool design in your stipple job, and you are not removing material from your frame, simply moving it. 

Shown inset in with the 20LPI Waffle Tip, and with the X Tip and our other specialty tips in the last image. 

Recommended for use in our 30 Watt Burner, as this tip has a larger surface area and needs more heat to look crisp. This tip takes a bit of practice to get down, but it provides a unique touch to any stipple job! 

The tip 'face' is brazed to the threaded portion, so DO NOT expose them to temperatures above 1250*F or the face design will fall off the threaded portion.  You will have to send it back to us for repair. Our 30 Watt unit, the hottest unit on the market, puts out roughly 1050*F, so standard use is fine, just don't take a MAPP torch to it...