Vault® NUB MODs®

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 Add a Nub Mod to your Vault® holster.  Gives you that same improved tactile feel as our other Nub Mods. Specifically designed for the new Vault®.  

Will not work with new SIG Vault holsters-

Select Level 1 or Level 3 as needed and what hand you shoot. 

Also fits the the SA Echelon 6000 series RDS/RDSO.  See lever shape image:

This is a 'glue on' product with glue that we supply with each Nub. This glue has been extensively tested and will not come off without pliers and some serious effort.  Customers have been using these since 2018 on other holsters. It holds :)

After releasing the initial Nub Mod for this, we found a variation of .02" between various Vault® levers from the factory.  We pulled the product and redesigned slightly to make it work with both levers with little to no work on the customers part. If you push your Nub Mod onto your holster and it fits snug and straight, proceed to glue.  If it is super tight, or not wanting to fit on perfectly straight, take a pocket knife and simply scrape off the 3 little raised areas inside on the bottom lip inside the Nub Mod. A gentle push straight down will do.  See image below.