White Phosphor PVS-14

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Price includes shipping.  Product can only sell and ship to the United States, to a U.S. Citizen, Prior to shipment: you will be sent an end user/no export form to sign and return to us.  If it is in stock here it is ready to ship!

PVS-14's from NV Devices with Elbit WP Thin Filmed Tubes.  These have a 10 year warranty from NV Devices on the system and tube. 

Reach out if you want a breakdown of the exact specs of what we have in stock. 

FOM is the Resolution X  Signal to noise ratio.  2200 is the point where most folks say the human eye can't tell if it gets any better. Looking through a tube here with 2424 FOM, compared to a tube with 2105 FOM, the difference in clarity is definitely not as extreme as you would think.  Blows the USMC issue NODs of the early 2000's out of the water!