16LPI Waffle Tip

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 A tad larger then the 20LPI tip, this tip measures 5/16" in diameter, and gives a very grippy texture with a distinct look. This tip slightly differs from the 20LPI waffle tip in the sense that the points have been cut down to allow for the wider pattern, and to prevent overpenetration of the points. Slightly more aggressive texture then the 20LPI, and slightly less then the 12LPI, this is a great option for shooters who want the best grip for all situations. 
6-7 on the OTD Grip Index.

 Recommended for use in a U.S.A manufactured 25 watt Wall Lenk wood burner. 25 Watt Wall Lenk is UL listed and available from OTDefense. Though if you don't already have a woodburner and you don't care about supporting hard-working Americans or already have one it will also fit in Chinese made Weller and Walnut Hollow woodburners and others with 8-32 threads.