7TS Flat Plug

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Drop in replacement part for your Safariland® 7TS® (starts with the number 7...) holster.  Replaces the lowest factory plug without the post, so you can run a 22LR or laser/SIM pistol in your holster. 

If you have a medium, high-medium, or high plug in your holster, and want to add a threaded barrel etc, utilizing the 7TS Flat Plug would allow you to do such but WILL RESULT in vertical slop unless you use it in conjunction with our Anti-Rattle foam, sitting against your gun light. If you have 1 holster and want to alternate a G19, G44, and G17 in said single holster, it would work ONLY if they all share the same flashlight. If this is your application you may be better off with the 7TS Adjust Plug.  This will allow solid lockup regardless of flashlight, and simply requires changing the plug with a long flathead screwdriver.