Basket Weave Tip

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This tip is designed with basket weave lovers in mind.  Perfectly square in shape, this tip applies three lines of 'basket weave' texture at a time, greatly increasing your productivity.    

Be sure to check out our Straight Tip which compliments this tip perfectly!

Usage: This tip has 'notches' in base of each 'valley', which prevents material from bubbling out the sides and giving a less than desired look. This tip is designed to be used at a depth of .035-.040", just like our waffle tips. If you sink the tip in all the way, you are defeating the purpose of the design, and will end up pushing plastic out the sides of the tip into four distinct bubbles! Practice on disposable material before you jump onto a valuable item.  See video below for visual aid. 

Threaded in 8/32 to fit in virtually all wood burners and most soldering irons.  

Grip Index: 4

Ease of Use: 10  -Yes this is our most difficult tip to use and have eye pleasing results.   The key is in rotating 90* perfectly each time, and running the pattern tight enough together so there is no blank spots. Depth control and consistency is not as forgiving as other tips.  With that said, I've had customers send in '1st time' stipple jobs with this tip that looked like mine or better....

Made 100% in the U.S.A. as with all of our tips!