Burner Holder

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With a dedicated gunsmithing bench in mind, this Stainless Steel, screw on holder is designed with the end users personal preference in mind.   

While designed specifically for the OTD wood burner it will also work with other similarly shaped burners.  When used with an OTD burner, the burner is lowered in the hole with the cord through the notch, and upon setting it down, it cannot fall out.  This allows for safe storage, and the burner can grasped by the top of the handle with plenty of room for the fingers, and lifted straight up and out to resume use. 

One can simply bend (by hand with strong fingers or with the assistance of a vice) the holder to the desired angle to fit with YOUR workflow.  

Can be mounted on a horizontal or vertical surface, Select BLACK or SS screws.

OTD Logo Etched into one side, which is slightly brushed.