Charging NUB for BRN-180™

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Love the BRN-180™ by Brownells® but not the little charging handle that eats your hand? We have a solution.  The Charging NUB. Easier manipulation no matter how you run your gun!

Simply press the Charging NUB onto your factory charging handle, tighten the set screw, and enjoy easier weapon manipulations of all kinds: charging with either hand, using as a 'forward assist' for an out of battery round, or whatever Murphy may throw at you. 

Does NOT interfere with the dust cover.  We tried straight handles, only to find that they would hit the dust cover if closed, failing to extract the 1st shot and give you 'dead man's click' on your 2nd shot. This will also damage the dust cover over time. After prototyping a bit over 30 different designs, we landed at this. Had a dozen customers help out with the final testing as well.   Sloped just right so brass deflects away from the weapon laterally, flat on the back in case you need to smack it forward, and slight curve for folks who hook with one finger, but not so much that it messes with folks who just use the palm hand approach. 

3D printed in the same Nylon that we have used for years in Nub Mods and Flat Backstraps. Highly resistant to weather, UV, solvents, moisture etc.  Easy to stipple if you decide you want different/more texture* on it.   *NOTE* If you stipple this, be sure to stipple only the front portion and onto the top, not the downward facing radius.  
See last image in photos with text describing this. 

Do NOT overtighten the set screw! This is a special Tri-lobe screw designed for polymers, and simply snugging it up is all you need.