Finish Tip, 20LPI

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After many requests from our customers, we now have a tip specifically to do straight lines and 90* corners.  We also added a 45* angle on the one side for getting into little spots (or getting creative).

Just the right size for stippling the borders of your project, then come in with your round waffle tip and knock out the bulk of the job! 

-Overall length of the tip is 0.30", width is 0.10".  Large base with plenty of mass for good heat retention for those guys with older wood burners. 

-Where the angle is cut at a perfect 45* there are two half points.  

-The points drop down on the other three sides perfectly to provide you with a nice clean finish. 

-Includes its own plastic micro-vial to protect your investment.

4-5 Grip Index, can be sunk deeper for a 10.