Level 1 7TS™ RDS NUB MOD®

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Specifically designed for the new (for 2020) 7TS™ RDS Holster.  This holster has a larger lever than all other Safariland® holsters.  This is the only NUB MOD® that will work with this holster, and it will NOT work with any other holsters. 

See Montage image for all the different Nub Mod options depending on your holster! 

Designed for Level I  only. We have also have a Level III model that will work with either level I or III.  

Made from a highly weather and temperature resistant nylon infused with carbon fiber, with high quality temperature stable adhesive from -65 to 250F,  as well as being water stable. Bottom line, this thing is not coming off without some pliers and a lot of effort.   

We recommend sliding a piece of paper under the factory lever to keep any glue from getting on your holster (other than on the lever) during installation.