Military Nub Mod

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Specifically designed for, and will ONLY work on the new Safariland Holsters with the 'SG-Mil' levers, as issued to the U.S. Military for the M17 and M18 Sig Sauer Pistols. Again, this ONLY FITS U.S. Military Issue Holsters! If you have a civilian model holster for the SigP320/M17, buy the ALS NUB MOD!

Fixes the angle and increases the width for a more reliably draw. Chamfer on the inside piece to clear the safety and eliminate the chance of deactivating the safety when you draw straight back on the Nub Mod™.   Blasted for low glare, Mil Spec Anodized aluminum for a tough finish, and of course 100% USA Made. 

Designed for Level I use. While we have had users put a washer behind the top T-Nut and continue to utilize the SLS Hood, this is not recommended as it WILL still drag on the hood. Will not interfere if hood is simply left down. 

Safariland US military issue holster