Nub X

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The Nub X.  Boost your currently installed ALS Nub Mod for competitions by making it taller and wider. 

Scott 'Jedi' Jedlinski, of Modern Samurai Project, has been using the Nub Mod for years, and mentioned to one of our main dealers, Ghostmen Designs, he would like a taller Nub Mod.  Did some testing and back and forth, and landed on this. 

NOT for duty use! Will only work without any shrouds or additional protection on the holster.  Adds .10" toward your body and holster mounting mechanism, and .40" in height. Check your gear Prior to purchase to ensure it will fit! 

If you are new to the Nub club, we strongly recommend you just start with the ALS Nub Mod, before deciding you want this.