Nylon Bumpers for BRN-180™

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A customer requested a fix for a BRN-180™ issue that he had discovered.  The rubber bumper (that the stock folds into) screw can come loose if not loc-tit'ed in place, and if overtightened, the screw can penetrate into the action through the steel bolt guide rail that it screws into,  damaging the bolt. 

These solid Nylon Bumpers give a positive stop for the screw once tightened down all the way. Available in multiple sizes depending on if your folding stock needs a bit more material to land on, or needs a thinner one to fold closed correctly. Some users prefer thinner design because they don't like feeling something else when hitting the bolt release with the palm. 

Replica:  .50" diameter, .30" thick.

Shorty:  .50" diameter, .18" thick.  (personal fav)

Tall Thin: .20" higher toward the rail, but only .18" thick. 

Tall Thick: .20" higher toward the rail, but .30" thick. 

To humor Murphy and the gods of war and chaos, we recommend you add blue loc-tite to the threads after cleaning the factory female threads. -Loc tite not supplied- Just make it snug, and check the inside to ensure no over-penetration.