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 If you run heavy equipment or frequently grease anything that gets dirty, the ZRKEY™ is basically like a Nub Mod for your grease gun. Putting online if you are needing some OTD products and a ZRKEY no need to pay shipping twice. www.zerky.com is owned and operated by OTD. 

The ZRKEY™. Simple tool to get all that dirt, mud, snow, and grease out of the way so you can grease your equipment!

Simply push the prong end into the zerk shroud and spin around the zerk.  Remove and wipe off on whatever you see fit. Wipe the head of the zerk with your finger if need be and grease away! 

For extra hard packed dirt, or the random little rocks that sometimes get stuck around the side of a skidsteer or mini ex bucket, use the single prong end to pick it out or rotate the single prong around the zerk. 

Works on all recessed zerks with a protective shroud of .64" or more (95% of the machines out there). Solid material so if you have a rare machine with smaller shrouds, you can grind the ZRKEY™ down to fit.  If you only have one or two .62 diameter shrouds, we recommend you use the single prong. 

100% Made in the USA.  

Blue ZKREY Strap included for connecting to your grease gun!

Strap and Tool are RoHS / HMF / FDA Compliant for EU shipping.