Threaded Barrel Plug for 6000 Series Holsters

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This will make your 6000 series Glock 19 Holster fit a G17, or G19 with threaded barrel (or comparable pistols/barrel sizes). Saves you having to buy an entire new holster if you switched to a threaded barrel/compensator. Also allows use of laser training pistols that cannot have the plug.  If you need to change the height of your plug check out our: Multi-muzzle plug!!

Removes 1/2" vs the large Safariland plug (pictured). If you have the shorter factory plug, this will not gain you anything in length, just SIM compatibility.  Not compatible with 7TS holsters. 

Simply remove the factory Safariland® plug with a 1/8 Allen Key, and a pair of pliers to pop it out.  Retain the factory hardware! Insert this part with the threads toward the 2nd hole,(works for right and left handed rigs) put the factory bolt/nut in through the hole it came out of, and use the supplied screw (threadlocker installed) to fill in the 2nd hole.  3D printed part of the same material we have used for years in various other products.