GripFix™ Hump Eliminator™

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Love everything about Glock's except the way it naturally points towards the sky?? Introducing: The Hump Eliminator™.

No more dreaded Glock® 'hump'.  If you're like me, and just want to fix the 'hump' so it points like a 'real gun', be able to stipple the finished product, and leave the holes in the back of the frame to allow water and dirt to fall out the base, this may be a good solution for you. 

Provides a repeatable method of cutting the 'hump' of your Glock® pistols, of all sizes and generations. You, as the gunsmith, can decide to either reshape and glue and/or melt the removed portion back into place, or use one of our Flat BackStraps (sold separately) to make the job easier and quicker. 

For a limited time, you can add on a chopped (factory Glock, destroyed per ATF regulations) frame to practice on!